Las Joyas at Port Isabel



As one of the leading developers of South Padre Island, we have contributed to the growth of the city through high quality projects such as; Los Corales, Las Villas, Las Dunas, Las Marinas, Las Costas and Las Verandas. For more than 15 years, we have been committed to ensuring complete satisfaction to our clients and investors.

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Provide high quality real estate and goodwill by offering our customers a unique lifestyle and by promoting an excellent investment for our partners. Create innovative concepts, contemporary designs, comprehensive residential housing solutions and/or vacation homes at a fair cost, beneficial to all. Create a positive impact on urban development and establish strong community sales values.


To be a company that sets new trends in lifestyle-related housing and recreational needs through innovative investment concepts in the real estate industry. To respond to the evolving needs of our customers allowing the business model be transformed; to grow and to prosper even more. To be a company that offers the best service and promotes new market conditions by encouraging new expectations and requisites from our customers and meeting those needs with new strategic and competitive ideas and technology.

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